Anime: Zankyou No Terror

Anime: Garden of Words

You…saved me! I lived on with feelings frozen, never expressed in words, And I clumsily held you in my arms on a rainy night.”

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"You and I are BFFs"

The look on their faces say “oh damn bitch ok ok we cool we cool” xD

hmmmm I wonder what Yato’s REAL name is;)

Or who steals Hiyori’s first kiss;)

or who nora really is;)

or who Yato’s father is;)

Yato and his blessed regalia.

My hot babe:*

My hot babe:*

qtill88 Can you tell me a great anime to watch? {my a favorite is Black butler. What is yours?} I'll give just about anything a try! Thank you:)

Well for Angie’s favorite it would be Attack on Titan and Black Butler. As for my fav its quite hard but my top is Attack on Titan rn.

For recommendations here are a variety of great ones we’ve watched:


-High School of the Dead

-Vampire Knight

-Diabolik Lovers

 -Future Diary

-Steins Gate

-Psycho Pass


-Free! iwatobi swim club

-Death Note


-Fooly Cooly

-Space Dandy

-Princess Jellyfish

-Elfen Lied


-DN Angel

-Angel Beats

-Say I Love You

and for the well known long animes try Bleach (but skip the fillers lol)

If you have anymore questions let us know!